Causes Of Knee Pain

Knee pain can occur anytime with any person. The people who are involved in physical activities are more t risk of having knee pain. It happens mostly with people how are involved in activities like sports, and exercise and those who have jobs in which physical activity is required complain about too much knee pain all the time. These activities can result in muscle pull, strain and tendinitis and which can result in knee pain. There are chances that causes of knee pain are not serious but it is also a fact that there can be some very serious things, which are causing this problem. Every part of the body is important and taking care of each part is important but there is something which can ruin a person’s whole life and knee pain and injuries are one of them and should not be ignored.

Here are some causes of knee pain

Knee alignments sprain

The work of the alignment is to keep the bones together and also they keep the bones strong and help a person move his knee properly. Alignments also keep the bone of the lower thigh to the leg bone. Tear and sprain in the knee bone is a very common problem and it occurs to sportsmen all the time. If the sprain and tear are very severe it can lead to a medial collateral ligament (MCL) anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament. All these injuries are very dangerous and cause very bad pain in the knee. There are chances that the person who is going through any of the problems given above can require a surgery.

Cartilage tissue sprain

Cartilage is the tissue of the knee, which is semi-tough, and the work of this part is to cover the end of the bone. There are two menisci on both sides of the knee, first is present on the inside of the knee and it is known as medial meniscus and the second is lateral meniscus which can be found on the outside of the knee. Tear in cartilage can damage them and it can result in knee pain. It can also require surgery.

Arthritis of the Knee

Arthritis is a very common cause of knee injury and it can lead to surgery. There are three types of Arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. All these conditions cause very bad pain in the knee and swelling too. The person who is dealing with any of these problems can have an issue with bending the knee.

No matter if, the pain in the knee is light or it is very bad, going to a doctor and getting treatment is very important. Some people take their pains very light, they do not get the causes diagnosed, and in the end, they find out some very serious problem. In all the cases given above, most doctors suggest surgery but in some very small cases of knee pain, the doctor recommends with physical therapy for knee pain which can reveal the pain.


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