5 Ways to Save on Trips Abroad

At some point in our lives, many of us have dreamed of traveling the world. We imagined visiting major tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument. Many of us have accomplished our world traveling dreams, but many others have let it fade away.

Lack of money or time are the major excuses that we give for not traveling. Our limited schedule or budget doesn’t have to stop our wanderlust dreams: the tips below can help you stretch your limited budget so that you can travel more.

Set a Budget and Make Extra Money

Sit down and write a list of things that you want to accomplish with this trip. Is there a certain historical place you want to visit? Do you just want to relax? Do you want to travel and volunteer? Once you establish the purpose of your trip, start to find places that match your travel goals.

Research a few of the locations on your list. Then, set realistic monetary goals; don’t pick anywhere that you can’t afford.

Consider visiting a city where the cost of living is low. This allows you to maximize your experience with a small budget: live like a king with a peasant’s budget. Next, begin to make difficult cuts.

Lose that gym membership, instead exercise outside or take advantage of free classes and cheap workout facilities. Until you reach your goals, give up alcohol, eating out, and luxury shopping trips. Sell unused household items or pick up a second job.

Book Early

We know that the best time to book a domestic trip is no more than 54 days in advance. According to CheapAir, getting the best price when booking an international trip varies by country and continent.

To travel to Canada, you want to book at least 75 days in advance, 120 days for any country in Europe, 160 days for an Asian country, or 215 days for a country in Africa. Once you picked your destination, figure out the exact date that matches those number of days. Download an app and set a countdown clock for your goal and the day to book your flight. Additionally, consider just marking it in your planner or calendar as a reminder.

Explore Your Flight Options

Find your available options through a price comparison site. These sites also let you compare car rental and hotel prices. Utilize Groupon to get discounts when booking through price comparison sites like Hotwire.

If flexible about the location, use Skyscanner to see the cheapest cities to book a flight to in certain countries or continents. Another option is to book a flight at a nearby country, and then book another flight from there to your intended destination. According to Ashley Abroad, you can save when traveling to Paris by booking a flight to Ireland, and then traveling from there to France.

Change Your Credit Card

Sign Up for a credit or debit card that doesn’t have international or atm fees. Eliminate international fees by opening an account at one of the financial institutes that are part of the Global ATM alliance, or get a Charles Schwab card.

Use credit card points to save on upgrades and special travel perks.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can get expensive but it ends up saving you more in times of emergencies. Travel insurance can cover unexpected hospital visits and lost luggage. Make sure you read reviews and research your options before committing to a company.

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