Blenders: A staple household appliance

Multiple uses of blenders

Blenders have a long history in the culinary profession as they tend to serve many kitchen related tasks. They have different kinds of blades within the appliance which helps them to accomplish different tasks. The cook always wants to cook the meal as soon as possible and come out from the kitchen immediately. There can be many appliances in the kitchen but the hand blenders always carve a niche amongst them. The hand blenders are easy to operate. It is easy to clean and maintain. They are always available in the market with a moderate price.

Things you can do with a blender

Hand blenders are very useful as it can pure the food such as from chutney, curry or any type of sauce. Hand blenders are used to prepare dressings for salad.  Generally baby foods are in mashed form and not solid in nature so it works great if you want to prepare baby meals like mashed potatoes etc. Vegetable sups can be prepared using hand blenders. We can’t ignore the preparation of smoothies if we are discussing about hand blenders. Fruits smoothies are made by adding milk, yoghurt, fruit cuts excluding hard peels and seeds. After the blending process, the smoothie is ready to get served. Whipping of eggs or fresh cream can also be performed by these blenders. It becomes a bit risky if you need to chop onions, garlic with knife and chopper board in haste so blenders have the power to chop the veggies very finely more quickly and swiftly. Try making the soft batter for pancakes and waffles. Instead of readymade butter, you can churn your own butter by pouring pure cream to the blender jug and then continuing with the process until the butter is ready. Grinding of coffee beans in home always adds a fresh essence to the beverage and the degree of consistency is totally your choice. You can stick to your grocery budget by making your own rice flour or grain flour with the help of blenders.

When it’s about your beauty

It is very exciting to know that excluding edible items, you can even prepare lotions or body scrubs like citrus scrub or coffee body scrub. Fancy body scrubs are available in shops but you can surprise your girl gang by making these at home. Ingredients like sea salt, almond you’re your favorite aromatic substances. It requires a bit of patience to make a skin moisturizer. You can search the web in order to get the detailed procedure of preparing a moisturizer. It can be like a three ingredient lotion which offers lots of scopes and options for customizing or a non greasy lotion adding aloe vera gel to the mixture.

New idea about compost

Gardening can be a good hobby for most of the people but it needs care to maintain the plants and herbs of it. Compost is essential to make and you can add some food scraps into the blender. Add sufficient amount of water to the blender and leave it for mixing. Spread it in the garden and see the results.

Time for smoothies now

How can one think of blenders without fresh smoothies? Smoothies are an evergreen recipe for all. Not only during summers, do we drink smoothie but if we have a blender in our kitchen then smoothies can be a regular item. Smoothies can be a very good excuse to use your blenders’ everyday and impress your family members or hostel roommates by making them taste various kind of outstanding smoothies. Carefully crafted smoothies can nourish your body and freshen up your mind. Smoothies are rich in antioxidants, fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fruits smoothies are special and known to decrease the risk of cancer and heart problems. Greenish smoothie blenders can be of great help in preparing these smoothies. Not only are they cheapest but they are also the best. It can be used multiple times in a single day but don’t overuse it also. High speed blenders are a bit expensive than normal blenders and one can notice the difference in the quality of the smoothie for sure. Blenders are like blessings for the die-hard smoothie enthusiasts and for the occasional smoothie makers. For making these smoothies, you don’t have to have a lot kitchen experiences and equipments. Just a quality blender and your favorite ingredients can suffice the need.

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