How to Become a Good After-Dinner Speaker?

Gyles Brandreth has given the longest after-dinner speech ever but it was surely not boring. In fact, people have enjoyed his long speed for his ability to entertain the audience. So, what are the traits that one needs to become a good after-dinner speaker? Well, the list is simple but you should do your homework to know it. Here are few tips that will help you in becoming a good after-dinner speaker.

Know the audience

You can’t just go in front of the audience and speak whatever you like because it might not suit the taste of the audiences. It is very important to know the audience in front of whom you would be speaking. Try considering the following aspects of your audience:

  • How are they dresses?
  • How old are they?
  • What is the gender composition of the audience?
  • What is the mood of the audience?

Once, you know the homework to know the audience, you can prepare a content that suits them and then, you would be appreciated for your talk.Entertain the audience

You as a speaker is there to entertain the audience and not yourself. Start with a normal tone and then notice the reaction of the audience. If they seemed please, you can continue with the content that you have prepared. If you see people are not interested in the speech that you are making, then you should quickly change the content to make it pleasing to the audience. Because you are there to entertain the audience and that should be your utmost priority. Karren Brady speaker is a good speaker to follow if you want to know how to entertain the audience.

Stay sober

Never drink before your speak. It might sound fun and you might also think, you will have a blast on the stage once you reach the floor in a drunken state. Never do that, it might prove to be a career disaster from which it will be able to hard for you to recover. Never think of even taking a sip before making a speech in front of the audience.

Consider the time slot in which you will be speaking

Try to have your speech before 11 pm because let me state it clearly public speaking is all about the energy. The energy of you as a performer and the energy of the audience both matter. Not much energy is left after 11 pm and people might get cranky with the speech that you have prepared and it might also sound like a never ending speech to the audiences. Try to speak early, so that people can focus on your speech.

Be creative to change your speech

Keep an eye on the audience when you are speaking. You should be creative enough to make slight changes in your speech on the stage when you are delivering the content to make people feel engaged. Never form a rigid structure or format while making your speech. Practice enough and modify things according to the requirement of the ambiance.

Don’t get rattled

Never be nervous while speaking because it will be clearly visible when you are speaking in a nervous tone even in front of hundreds of people. Keep yourself calm and be confident when you speak no matter what. A rattled speech is a bad speech. And do you know how you can speak confidently? Well, you should practice delivering the speech a number of times before the actual performance.

Don’t keep on speaking

A short speech is never criticized but people surely dislike a long speech. Never try to stay in the stage for long because the entertaining and the awesome beginning can result in a boring end. And do you know what people will remember? The boring end of the course and therefore, keep your speech crisp with elements of humor, humanity, and content. A ten minutes speech can be a quality speech if it is spoken in the right manner and has the right content.

With these simple tips, you as a speaker can make the audience roar. If you are going to be a corporate after-dinner speaker, prepare your speech according to it. Try to add genuine humor instead of using the same, old jokes in your speech that everyone has heard. Also, another very important thing is to get dressed up for the occasion. Never dress in a sloppy fashion when you will be speaking at a corporate event and again, this brings us back to the point where you should know your audience.

If you want to be respected as a speaker, try to follow these tested tips and you will win all the laurels. Sporting after dinner speakers can be fun both you and your audience but you have to put some efforts in it.

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