Las Vegas Shooting Victims Should Consult Expert Attorneys To Prove Their Claims

Las Vegas shooting incident was one of the most deadly shooting incident in the history of the United States of America. It was very much peaceful and festive all around. Jason Aldean, the country music icon, had just started singing at the Route 91 Harvest festival. Suddenly the festivity turned to chaos when a gunman opened fire at the crowd present in the concert.  The 64 years old shooter was named as Stephen Paddock and was based in Mesquite, Nevada. The incident left 59 people dead and more than 500 were injured. Stephen kept firing for ten minutes. Over 1,100 rounds were fired from his suite that was located on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel. There was a crowd of 22,000 in the concert. Stephen kept firing at them from the 32nd floor. It was a tragic incident for the victims as well as for the whole state and country.

More horrifying details emerged after police raided the hotel room. Stephen was found shot dead in the room. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) recovered 23 guns and thousands of round of ammunition in his suite. It is assumed that Stephen had thoroughly researched the possibility of attacking an outdoor concert. That’s why he reserved a hotel room that gave him a clear overview of the Las Vegas strip where the concert was to be held. He had been a regular visitor of the casino that’s why the hotel administration at Mandalay Bay provided him a complimentary room. After three days he shifted to the 32nd floor that overlooks the Las Vegas strip. There was a ‘Do Not Disturb’ tag on his door. Inside he had accumulated a stockpile of an arsenal of weapons including automatic assault rifles and military style assault weapons. He carried over ten suitcases into his hotel room. Paddock had also managed to fit hidden surveillance cameras inside and outside the hotel room in order to monitor the arrival of others. There was a bulletproof vest, breathing apparatus and other survival gear in the hotel room. Paddock didn’t use these things. Ammonium nitrate, which is used in making improvised explosive devices, was also found in his SUV.

There are serious questions to be raised about the security of the hotel. They were indeed responsible for checking what their guests were bringing in. Casinos, in particular, have a very high security system. You cannot take a single chip off any table let alone carrying a military style assault weapon inside your suitcase. So there is a question why hotel had such a horrific security lapse. How Stephen managed to carry some an enormous supply of weapons into his hotel suite?

As per Nevada’s liability law, hotels and casinos must provide security and safety at their premises. But in this case the hotel administration completely failed. So, there can be a negligent security claim on part of the victims. An expert attorney at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC can help you establish your claim. In order to get compensation you must establish that the hotel had responsibility for your safety, the hotel didn’t have adequate security and that you suffered real damages due to the attack. The most important thing is to establish a connection between hotel’s poor security and your injuries. And only an experienced and expert attorney can do that for you so that you are fully compensated for the emotional and financial damages you suffered.


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