Pastor Chris Conference – Don’t Miss It!

Online Prayer Conference Coming Up – Nov. 3-4, 2017

Listen up, faith and prayer warriors around the U.S. – heck, why not around the world? Renowned Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is ready to rock you with some words of faith and prayers that “can move mountains”, and it’s all set to take place this next week, so don’t the opportunity you have to sign up today. This online event will be live streamed and hosted across the World Wide Web, so all you really need is access to the Internet. In today’s modern, globally connected universe, who doesn’t have that? So there’s no reason not to attend, then, is there? Come and get your blessing from the words of Pastor Chris and others.

At the event, you can hear Pastor Chris read his communal blessings as he follows the Rhapsody of Realities this time around. This special book has already transformed countless lives in its wake, and it promises to do no less for your spirit – heck, your entire family’s. In fact, many have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ as their personal savior after having encountered this divine reading. We can only hope for the best as the book’s most crucial excerpts “come alive” at the conference as does your hope and joy altogether; be there.

Why an Online Prayer Event or Conference – What are the Benefits?

It’s no lie or secret that the Internet has now become the global marketplace, and is that not for a reason? Everything may now be conducted, bought, sold, traded, researched, communicated and even further explored – right from the comforts of one’s local computer. As such, many Christians have likewise jumped onboard the opportunity and promoted things relevant to God’s kingdom while taking advantage of a global audience and a far greater reach of influence than they ever thought was possible. The sphere of influence that the Internet carries is limitless as is the potential to do – literally anything – online. That’s the power of global inter-connectivity, and anything’s possible; do we not serve the Almighty God, who can move mountains with the snap of his fingers anyways?

An online conference also allows one to make questions and see other content as well. More may pop up on the conference site. One can even engage in several screens at once.

More on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome, also more commonly known as Pastor Chris, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Christian faith, the Bible, and the work of the Holy Spirit. This Nigerian Christian minister and televangelist has worked diligently in his sphere of influence for many years now and considers his life and ministry beyond blessed; he gives all the glory for his outreach efforts and successes to God Almighty and to his son, Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris is often remembered for being “filled with the Holy Spirit” and for giving, teaching, and sharing in any ways he can. He loves to tell people of the love that God has for them while also showing them a far better way to live – financially, socially, and spiritually.

Pastor Chris has two wonderful children and only hopes they can one day be the pillars that God wants them to be. He passes on his encouragement and inspiration to his future generation as any good father should. Forbes has even estimated Pastor Chris’s net worth to stand around approximately $30–50 million. Pastor Chris was born in Edo, Nigeria and visits surrounding regions often; he has never left his roots.

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