Pastor Chris Oyakilhome: A Man of Business, Entrepreneur and The Word

Pastor Chris Oyakilhome is an internationally known pastor, business executive and entrepreneur whose native roots are in Nigeria. He was born on December 7, 1963 and has accomplished much over his plus 50 years.

In 2006, Pastor Oyakilhome who was well in the prime of his professional life, purchased an airline that he named Skypower. He is among Nigerian pastors and evangelists who reportedly enjoy lavish incomes and have invested well from their earnings.

In his early days, Pastor Oyakilhome attended Ambrose Ali University, and it was during this time that he founded Believers Love World Fellowship. This enjoyed steady growth and has continued since its humble beginnings of some 30 years ago. Today, Believers Love World Inc., is now known as Christ Embassy with its main facilities in Lagos, Nigeria. Christ Embassy is an international evangelical Christian ministry. It operates a healing school and also produces a daily devotional distributed internationally titled, “Rhapsody of Realities”.

Pastor Oyakilhome has significant influence in the social media world. He is estimated to have over one million followers on Twitter. Pastor Oyakilhome is noted to have his own social media site known as, (Yookos). He has also broadened his influence in telecommunications and owns three TV channels. Moreover, one of his TV channels is the first to have begun 24-hour broadcasting to the world from Africa on a daily basis. Pastor Oyakilhome also has investments in news media, a record label and publishing.

Described as a prolific author, Pastor Oyakilhome earns substantial support from publishing books, audio CDs and DVDs of public lectures or appearances. He has a ongoing marketing Department that promote his goods and services. Pastor Oyakilhome has endured controversy over public claims that his God-given ministry can provide healing to others facing medical conditions such as auto-immune deficiency syndrome, (AIDS), or other chronic conditions. Accusations of money laundering that were voiced around 2005 were found to be without cause and the case was eventually dismissed.

Pastor Oyakilhome has recently formulated partnership with US TV evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, to begin the Love World USA TV Network. This is welcomed by both Pastors as a venture to share faith values with a world in need, and an audience receptive to both men. Recently, Pastor Hinn and Chris Oyakilhome shared a joint tour of the Holy Land with patrons and their international TV audience.

Pastor Oyakilhome has two daughters, and his wife, Anita, has shared in the ministry as well as being his business partner. She is considered to be a major shareholder in the Nigerian company, G-Mobile, owned by the couple.

Pastor Oyakilhome’s presence on the web includes the daily devotional, his recent and present itinerary, and some featured articles. His itinerary includes monthly global communion services, scheduled Christmas and New Years Eve services, publication of a book titled “How to Pray Effectively” and more.

Concerning achievement, Pastor Oyakilhome writes, “Reject mediocrity and mundanity from your life.” Thus, Pastor Oyakilhome has received substantial bounty and appears to have made investments providing significant return.