Private Reply Feature in WhatsApp Got Rolled Out by Accident! A Correction May Follow soon.

If you are thinking that it was a contemplated and a well thought new feature launch by the WhatsApp where you can privately send a message to your co-group member in a group without letting anyone else in the group view the same, then you are sadly mistaken. WhatsApp had launched the privately reply feature for Windows in a beta update by a fluke. The Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp, may soon take back this feature, which is still under the development process, along with some other features as well.

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular freeware and cross-platform for instant messaging and voice. This platform not only allows text messages and voice calls, but also video calls, images, etc. Though WhatsApp does not roll out features by mistake frequently, but this time it actually happened when they launched an upcoming feature called, Private Reply, for Windows Phone Beta users. Some other features that came with the v2.17.336 and v2.17.342 betas for Windows Phone were a new UI design for calls just like the Android interface, which gets disabled by default. Another feature Quick Switch to video call, has allowed the users to go to the video call from the voice call without breaking their ongoing talk. There were also some advanced group settings as a part of new features list.

The feature, which is called the ‘reply privately,’ had come up accidentally, as confirmed by the developers who said that they mistakenly implemented this feature. There were some additional details on the subject which said that the private reply feature is disabled for the new WhatsApp beta for the Windows Phone 2.17.344. This feature was indeed accidentally implemented by the WhatsApp in 2.17.342. This feature was again enabled in the v2.17.348 beta update.

WhatsApp Private Reply feature has already become the most asked features of the WhatsApp users. The popular WhatsApp watcher, @WABetaInfo, also said that WhatsApp had included this feature in the beta version of Windows Phone, only to take it back in the upcoming beta update. @WABetaInfo, the watcher of the popular chat app, also confirmed that this feature would only work in the group chats. Private Reply option will be comprised of a rather small menu that comes up when the WhatsApp enthusiasts long press and hold on a WhatsApp message. After which, the users will be able to write the message in a Private Reply and can send to a person as a private chat. The same had some errors like being viewed in the personal chats and not only in the group chats.

WABetaInfo had also informed the media that WhatsApp is in the process of developing some new features that will work for the Web and desktop. It may also include a tap to unblock and a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode.

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