Sir Terence Conran receives lifetime achievement award

Sir Terence Conran was celebrated for his style and taste – and his legacy and influence over the dining world – when he was awarded a lifetime achievement award earlier this month. Over 64 years of Terence Conran’s ingenious ideas and his dedication to excellence has left a legacy that will inspire generations to come.

Conran founded his design company in 1956. One of his first customers was Mary Quant, the legendary designer who popularised miniskirts and hot pants. While his early career was focussed on design projects, Conran’s goal was always restaurants.
Soup Kitchen and beyond
His first London restaurant, Soup Kitchen, was launched in 1953 and Conran cemented his presence on the restaurant scene with his well-known triumphs with eateries Orrey and Neal Street. In 1987, his icon status was well and truly sealed with the launch of restaurant Bibendum in the renowned Michelin building.

Enduring legacy
Conran’s intent has always been to infuse the dining world with simple elegance and striking design. From the menus to the restaurant furnishings, every facet of his restaurant projects followed the same high standards; as a result, people across the country have become more focussed and aware of dining standards and excellence.

Excellence in every area
None of this success is possible without high standards being the focus both front and back of house. Excellent hygiene is a critical element of any eatery’s enduring success, whether a bistro, fast food outlet, fine dining restaurant or catering event. It is essential that kitchens have the equipment they need to deliver consistent results, such as commercial warewashers from suppliers such as to keep every piece of glass, silver and dining ware sparkling clean and germ-free.

Success begins with excellent hygiene

No one wants to dine at an establishment with poor hygiene standards. Fortunately, industry experts are making sure restaurants toe the line and informing customers where to look for industry hygiene ratings and signs the restaurant they have chosen is a good choice.

Sir Terence Conran’s dedication to excellence has set a high benchmark in the world of design and dining. As with all enduring success stories, Conran nurtured every detail of his restaurants and design projects, inviting those working with him at every level, whether staff or supplier, to
showcase their excellence too.

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