Things to Consider When Hiring an Energy Auditor

Hiring commercial energy auditors is essential because with their report you will identify any form of inefficiency in your systems and identify the forms in which your energy is wasted. After identification and giving you’re the report, you can now use their guidelines and improve in the areas that need improvement. You will also get ways of enhancing the energy performance of your home or business. Their report will help you in making an informed decision on the improvements you will do to start being energy efficient. Hiring energy auditors for your business or home will help you lower the monthly cost. In this article, you will discover some things you can look for when hiring a professional auditor or auditing firm.

Determining the auditors you need

There are two types of auditors you can select. They include contractor energy audits and energy assessment. To choose the auditor you need, you should first know the two auditors. An energy assessment is when you get reviews on your utility bills by technical assistance and make a comparison with equipment, property, and use of energy. You do all this by using a standardized tool for carrying out an assessment. These auditors will give you basic opportunities for savings by identifying areas in which energy is being wasted.

Contractor energy auditors will do a proper and thorough inspection of your whole facility and will analyze your utility bill of up to five years. They make use of equipment and do monitoring by measuring the overall consumption of energy in your business.  They will use high technology to inspect the whole building before they can give you recommendations.

Reviewing their certificates

When seeking professional service, you must shop around, and you can also compare to get the best. When looking for professional auditors, you must confirm that they are certified to operate through a recognized institution and whether the certification is up to date. If you discover that the potential auditors are operating with an outdated certificate, you should know that they may not be up to date with the latest energy auditing technology. It is also essential to ask for documents so that you can know if they are licensed to avoid any form of legal complication in your business.


Energy auditing will give you a platform to save because you will discover where you have been going wrong when it comes to energy consumption. With the right report and information, you will have proper guidelines to succeed in saving your energy usage.


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