What do people actually do in a commercial kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is made up of a team of skilled staff who work together completing various tasks. Here’s what they do.Image Credit

Front and back of house

Staff in a commercial kitchen can work front or back of house. Front of house staff include serving staff and the manager. In fine dining restaurants you may also find a sommelier, who is a wine expert.
Back of house staff are those who prepare and cook the food and keep the environment organised, clean and tidy. The owner or manager will flit between front and back of house. According to The Balance often, staff working in a commercial kitchen will be cross-trained to do multiple jobs.

Head chef
Depending on the size of commercial kitchen and the range of food being served, you can find different levels or types of chef in this environment. The higher up the ranks a chef is, such as an executive or corporate chef, the more managerial tasks they have compared to actual cooking. They’ll be responsible for creating menus, overseeing the team and managing the accounts.Image Credit

Cooking the food
In a small commercial kitchen, one chef may be responsible for all the tasks, from cooking to management duties, but in larger establishments, you may find staff who specialise in different aspects of cooking. A chef de cuisine can often be found testing new recipes and ordering the food, whilst a sous chef directly guides the line cooks and selects specials. Some sous chefs may be responsible for cooking sauces or stocks. A junior sous chef is usually involved with food preparation and food organisation.

A lot of the actual cooking is down to the line cook, who may be in charge of grilling or frying. Prep cooks also work in a commercial kitchen, preparing the food. In some settings, the kitchen may have a specialist butcher.

You may also find a pastry chef, pastry sous chef, a pastry cook or an assistant in those kitchens that serve desserts and pastry dishes.

Keeping the kitchen clean
A clean and tidy kitchen is essential when cooking and serving food, so you’ll also find a steward or porter who washes the dishes, using commercial warewashers, such as those offered by https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/bar-supplies/commercial-warewashers.

They also handle deliveries, keep floors and surfaces clean, and mop up spillages.

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