5 Tips To Getting More Website Traffic Using SEO

SEO, a lot of people come across this word and are not familiar with what it means, should you be worried? Yes, if you are one of the majorities that are clueless with what these three letters mean, then this is the place for you.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, a definite term for what it does. But if you still can’t get it: SEO Is the art of making sure that your page is the one that pops out when a particular person searches keywords like “NYC SEO” or “Foods in New York.”

Simply put those keywords on your website, your blog, or even in your simple business landing page if you want to be known on the internet. Here are some tips on how to work SEO on your website.

Get Social

Well, here you are, starting your first ever website and is hoping for traffic to come around. Well, that is not the case, like pizza shops in new york, there are so many people who have done this earlier and more efficiently than you, the best that you can do for now is create a system or connections, make a facebook account, twitter, and even Google Adsense or google maps. To give you a kick start that will boost your webpage faster than you can handle. In these crucial times, it is best to keep people in check by posting exciting stuff on your social media sites and of course, establish rapport by replying and interacting with the community.

Mix and Match

Like the previous comment, there are so many more businesses like yours. There is no way to fight them on this battlefield because, to be honest, it goes down to skill and how frequent the keywords that are searched for matches the blog or posts in your website, but there is the secret leverage that new business owners can capitalize on, that is making something different. Being that the world wide web is free, you can go ahead and look at other competitions web pages and make something different or better. From changing up your products, you can also work on the format of your posts and change up the format to suit to the prospects liking.

Write Mouthwatering Titles

Now, if you haven’t experienced it yet, there are so many “Clickbait” materials that are roaming around on the internet “Dermatologists hate her: check out how this lady lived a lifetime with flawless skin.” Curiosity is a powerful feeling that has been in play ever since man discovered fire. Creating an excellent title that sparks the interest of the reader to read more is a surefire way to generate decent and constant traffic on your website. More traffic means more chances to reach the top.

There you have it. Although there are so many more tips and tricks that you can find, like how adding the name of the product in your name to even answering questions. There are so many ways and strategies to approach, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this fantastic art.