How Solitaire Can Strengthen Your Mind?

None of us like sitting around and not using our brains. There’s so much automation these days that sometimes every task feels thoughtless, and our biggest and best muscle ends up getting no use out of the day. We’re not sharpening it, we’re not adding any information of value. That’s when using fun digital card games like mobilityware solitaire can sharpen your brain. Here’s how:

You’re Flexing Your Biggest Muscle

Do you remember when Sudoku got big and everybody was talking about the mental benefits of it? Truth is, any game that makes you think and use your puzzle-solving skills is going to benefit your mental clarity, and flex that brain muscle. You can actually strengthen your mind by working through problems and finding solutions, bettering your mental clarity.

Filling in Time Gaps

Every minute that we’re not using our minds, we’re wasting valuable time that we could be learning or bettering ourselves. When you have time gaps, whether it’s waiting for work to begin, for your bus home, or an Uber to pick you up from the restaurant, you could be sharpening your mind. Keeping your mind going even when there’s nothing going on helps you stay alert and focused.

Ditching the 2 O’clock Funk

Ever notice that no matter what job you’re working, around 2:00 PM it starts to feel like a prison? Between eating lunch and having it hit your system, and the fact that you’ve been working and possibly on your feet or sitting behind a desk, you’re exhausted. Your mind wants to sleep, but you simply can’t – you’re at work! Take your break and play some solitaire to wake yourself up. You’ll get through the workday quicker.

There are dozens of mental benefits to playing solitaire. Work your puzzler and figure out different angles and solutions, and get that muscle working for you.